Villa Emma has an ecologically maintained garden of 3000 m2. In the center of the garden is an original pond surrounded by plants, home to fish and amphibians.

On a bench you can sit and enjoy the sights of dragonflies dancing in the sun, with the splattering noise of the fountain in the background. The pond is fenced by roses for safety, but you are recommended not to leave small children unattended.

The garden is bordered by maple, sycamore, acacia, oak, beech, wild and sweet chestnut, lime and black walnut. There are benches located around the garden, allowing you to escape after a long day.

Would you like to get some work done while enjoying a local Belgian beer in the quiet of the garden? No problem, we have WIFI access throughout most of the garden.

During 2019, the number of plants in the garden has been expanded as part of the Van Eyck Year 2020. All the plants painted (and determined) by the Van Eyck brothers on the altarpiece “The Mystic Lamb” can be admired in our park garden. Those 75 plants are provided with a plate with a lot of data, including where you can find them on the panel … OMG! Van Eyck was here … Would you like to know more about Van Eyck and the plants? We have put together a package where you can find out all about them!

It is also possible to request a plant walk without staying overnight with us.