General Conditions Villa Emma




The booking will be accepted after the authorization of Villa Emma (Georges Billemont) and the pay of a deposit of min. 50% of the cost.

The booking implies acceptance of these terms and conditions by the client that specifically mentions having read it. 
 Bookings are and cannot be assigned or subleased.  Persons mentioned on the booking form and their number cannot be modified at the arrival or during the stay. 
 A photocopy of passport or identity card will be requested upon arrival.

Length of the stay:

The client will in no circumstances invoke any right to security of tenure beyond the duration of stay.

Arrival and Departure:

The guest must present the day specified between 5pm and 7pm. In case of late arrival or delayed, the customer must notify the owner. Otherwise, the host reserves the right to dispose of the room after the deadline agreed; no refund can be envisaged. The day of departure, the client will free the rooms before 11am.
No reduction will be made in the case of late arrival or early departure.

Internal rules:

The guest must respect the peaceful character of the place and to use it for its intended purpose. He will not cause any act likely to interfere with the privacy of the other guests or the owner.

The client receives the rooms and agrees to give it back in the same conditions and not to smoke within the building. The use of candles and open flames are not allowed.

The guest agrees to take any picture without the permission of its hosts. It is strictly forbidden to use the pictures from the inside and the outside of the building for public or commercial purposes or publish on the Internet.

The guest shall comply strictly with the private parts of the house or domain.

The guest is not allowed to bring or invite others persons in the building or in the domain except by agreement of the owner. In case the client doesn’t respect the internal rules, the host may refuse to him the access without any refund or compensation. 


Villa Emma cannot be held responsible for any theft, damage, or loss of belonging of clients, except in case of obvious negligence on Villa Emma’s part.

Any damage to the property of owner will be immediately reported to the owner. Rehabilitation and all accessory costs including legal costs incurred for such damage are the responsibility of the client. For damage or theft, the owner reserves the right to file a claim through the courts.

Use of Internet connection:

The use of the Internet by the client will be under its absolute responsibility. Client may not use any illegal, fraudulent, abusive or excessive service and will warn minors under their responsibility from Internet hazards. The user will be liable for any direct or indirect damage caused by the use of the network.
 Villa Emma disclaims all responsibility for any malfunction of the network and reserves the right to suspend at any time the network without any possible compensation claim from the client.


For reasons of hygiene and tranquility of guests, no pets are allowed in the guesthouse. In case of breach of this clause by the client, the host can refuse access and break the contract without any refund or compensation.

Terms of Payment:


Your reservation needs to be effectuated by the payment on Villa Emma’s bank account of an advance on the price of the room of 50%, to be received no more than 8 days after the reservation date. Upon non-payment within the grace period, the reservation will expire.
Upon payment by wire transfer, any fees and taxes are at the expense of the sender, with exception to IBAN transfers within the European union.
The remaining amount will be charged upon arrival. Payment of any consumables will be charged upon departure.  At this time, you will also receive a detailed invoice of the total cost of your stay.
We do not accept cheques or payment cards.



Cancellation by the customer:

All cancellations must be notified by mail addressed to Villa Emma.
 In case of annulations, later than two weeks before the planned arrival, the 50% deposit will be hold by Villa Emma.

Cancellation by the owner: if the owner had to cancel your stay, the customer will be refunded the amount paid by bank transfer to your account. No other form of compensation could be claimed.

Place of jurisdiction:

We offer in all cases to settle disputes amicably; if this weren’t the case, only the Ghent courts is competent to decide and only the Belgium law will apply.


Georges Billemont

Waterdreef 13

B-9040 Gent


0032 (0)9 2592195