Villa Emma is located at one of the gateways to the National Park Scheldeland: the historic city of Ghent. Further along the Scheldt you find Dendermonde. Once this was a very important fortified city. Today it is one of the other gateways to the Park and a beautiful town that is definitely worth a visit.

With our package, we connect these 2 historical cities: Ghent and Dendermonde. This is what your day might look like:

After your delicious breakfast, we will take you and an electric bike to Dendermonde (the bike is included in the package). You can visit the Cloth Hall having a fascinating insight into the history of the fortified city.
Inside the info pack you will receive from us you’ll find a walking map with the Experience Walk “Dendermonde op zijn vest”. Along the 5.5 km long walk, you can listen to 13 fascinating stories.
Dendermonde is a very important “Jazz city” and has a real Jazz museum. On request, the doors are sometimes even opened for us during standard closing time!

But start the the bike trip! You’ll find the route in your info pack. We mainly use the Cycle Junctions, but a few times we deviate from them to visit places of interest.
If you scan the QR code, you will immediately be directed to the route. But you also receive the route on paper …

You leave for Baasrode where you can visit the Maritime Museum if you wish. The importance of shipping to the Scheldt region cannot be stressed enough. It has shaped the lives of thousands of people for hundreds of years.

In Baasrode, you cross the Scheldt by ferry and then drive along the Scheldt to Donkmeer.

On your bike ride, you will have ample opportunity to admire the polder nature. You can smell the water that has dominated life here from time immemorial. And look at the water of the Scheldt: sometimes it flows towards the sea, but sometimes it also flows inland: as befits a tidal stream.

At junction 83, you turn away from the river and cycle towards Lake Donk. “Den Donck”, a long-standing holiday spot for a lot of Belgians. And the place to eat eel. Reca plenty on the banks of “Den Donck”.
After your break, you can visit the restored duck decoy or cycle back to the Scheldt.

At node 41, you leave the Scheldt again and cross the Kalkense Meersen straight towards Laarne Castle. The package includes a free entrance ticket to either Laarne Castle or the Counts Castle in Ghent. Depending on the opening hours and your choice.

Leaving Laarne, you enter the Dam valley. This bird paradise is the place to go for beautiful walks and bird-watching. You cross the Scheldt and ride through the Gentbrugse meersen. It is the ideal place to marvel at how the tides – ebb and flow – still have their effect so deep inland. 1 m 20 is the difference between high and low tide.
Villa Emma purchased 60 tonnes of CO2 in 2022 to offset the CO2 emissions of all guests for 3 years. This compensation will be done, among other things, by planting trees in the Gentbrugse Meersen

You continue the route and drive into Ghent city centre. Perhaps you can visit the Castle of the Counts. Or it’s time to get something nice to eat/drink. You’re only a few km more from Villa Emma. So an evening enjoying what Ghent has to offer is perfect. Just don’t forget to lock your bike (to a fixed object) !!!

Included in the package (60€ per person):

  • electric bike
  • transport (including electric bicycle) to Dendermonde
  • cycle route + info package for possible visits along the way
  • ticket for a visit to the Castle of Laarne or the Castle of Counts (Ghent). The choice depends on the opening hours and your preference.

Up to 2 standard bikes + 2 folding bikes can be carried. It is also possible to use your own bikes. In that case, the price of the package will be adjusted.

The package can only be chosen in addition to a minimum of 2 overnight stays.